​We can supply drilled Hammond Enclosures to order. Check out the store for options. If the enclosure you need isn't listed, then enquire hereand we will provide a custom quotation.

Drilled Enclosures

Powder Coated Enclosures

​Petersen Engineering can provide drilled Genuine Hammond enclosures, powder coated in a variety of colours.

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Light Plates

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Effects Pedal Parts

Powder Coated 1590N1

Petersen Engineering pedals feature a light plate that illuminates your pedal board when the effect is active! Other applications include Vape Boxes, Amplifiers and Other electronics projects.

Go to the store to purchase light plates for your own enclosure.

We are able to provide lightplates for any enclosure, just send a message to us and we will get back to you. Bulk quantity price is available just contact us. For international shipping please contact us before purchasing.

All plates come with 4 new extra long stainless steel screws for mounting the light plate and if you watch the following video, it shows how the light plates are meant to be used.